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Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit – new official release of the RPi OS with Netflix and Disney+

The Raspberry Pi OS (formally Raspbian) has traditionally been 32-bit. The 64-bit version has been in beta for a year now, but has become and official release. In this video I take a look at Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit official release and how it compares with the 32-bit version.

The 64 bit version of the Raspberry Pi OS has now taken the next step towards becoming the mainstream operating system for the Raspberry Pi.

In this video I’ll explain why this is important, why this has taken so long and whether it’s worth upgrading your existing Raspberry Pi to this new version. The video explains how you can modify the Raspberry Pi OS installed software so that you can still access Netflix and Disney+ directly from the Raspberry Pi OS using the Chromium web browser.

I’ll then show how you can upgrade to the latest version and something you may want to do to ensure it goes smoothly. This involves changes that need to be made to the Chromium browser so that you can view Netflix and Disney+ on the Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit now works with Netflix and Disney+

The Raspberry Pi OS includes the desktop you see when you power up your Raspberry Pi, but that’s just the graphical interface. The real power of the operating system is under the hood based around the Linux kernel, including the GNU utilities. This is why some call it GNU/Linux, although that doesn’t give credit to the additional components used to provide the desktop environment and all manner of additional software needed to give the full Raspberry Pi OS experience. The Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian Linux with some additional tweaks specifically for the Raspberry Pi, it was formally known as Raspbian, but the 64 bit version is now downstream from the official Debian rather than being a separate Raspbian.

I only make a brief comparison with the 64-bit Ubuntu for the Raspberry Pi in reference to VNC. I have however already created a video looking at Ubuntu 64-bit OS on the Raspberry Pi

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