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Power Up 4.0 – Smartphone controlled remote control paper airplane

This is a review of the PowerUP 4.0. This is a successful Kickstarter campaign which completed in 2020. I’ve received my bundle of airplane related goodies and had a few builds and test flights.

The video below goes through an unboxing, the first builds, test flights and important information on flying the plane such as the minimum amount of space needed to fly.

This last part is very important. I nearly lost the airplane on my first flight due to it landing in the middle of a bunch of bramble bushes. It was only my determination to retrieve it that convinced me to walk through chest high brambles to retrieve the plane.

My later flight was in a much bigger field.

PowerUp Toys Smartphone controlled planes – Kickstarter Reward

Smartphone controlled paper airplane - PowerUp 4.0

On Kickstarter I backed the pro early bird level. This cost $79 and included the following:

  • POWERUP 4.0 Module
  • 4 Red Paper Plane Templates
  • Desk Stand
  • 10 Additional Paper Plane Templates
  • 2 Waterproof Dupont Paper Plane Templates
  • Night Flight LED Lights
  • Wheels for Take-off & Landing
  • Foam DIY Kit F22 Style Aircraft

A good part about the Kickstarter is that they did offer an option to upgrade the parts at the end, by buying any of the features not included in the level that you backed.

Build instructions

You can find all the build instructions on the PowerUp Toys YouTube channel.

These are the build instructions for the two planes that I show in the video.
Invader paper plane
F22 Foam plane

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