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Abuse of parent and child and disabled parking space to stop car from being scratched

I’ve already posted about how annoying it is when people abuse parent and toddler and disabled parking spaces. I often confront these people and ask them why they are being so inconsiderate, especially if as a result I have been unable to find a suitable space. Usually they just ignore me, occasionally I do get a response.

Today I had my 10 month old son with me when I went shopping. I saw a parent and child space but another car to beat me to it. It was the last available parent and toddler space. A couple got out of the car with no baby or child in sight. I asked them if they were aware that it was a baby and child space and his reaction was “Last time I parked in this car park I got my car scratched!”. Well that clearly put me in my place – not! So the logic here is this:

  • Extra space is needed when getting a child or baby out of a car. This may mean that the door has to be opened to it’s full extent, especially if the baby is in a removable car seat.
  • So by abusing that space this person has now inconvenienced a parent and young child and also increased the likelihood that another car may get scratched.

There were lots of alternative parking spaces if they had walked a little further. Parking at the extremities of the car park would have meant that it was unlikely someone would park alongside them, and unlike a parent that would have to carry their child (in my case a sleeping baby weighing over 9kg), he would have had nothing more than his overly large ego to carry with him.

The only logic here appears to be that he clearly does not care about anyone other than himself. Unfortunately this appears to be far too common a trait.

— Rant over for today.

One Response to “Abuse of parent and child and disabled parking space to stop car from being scratched”

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