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Go Sober for October – raising money for Macmillan cancer support

Go Sober
For the month of October I’m giving up drinking alcohol as part of the Macmillan Go Sober for October campaign.

It’s been a week now and it’s going well. I don’t normally drink too much, but I do enjoy drinks especially with certain meals or when going out. I’ve therefore been swapping my drinks for a similar non-alcoholic drink instead. So instead of wine I’ve been drinking flavoured sparkling water or Appletiser and instead of a beer I’ve been drinking a non alcoholic shandy. I’ve also treated myself to a few other non-alcoholic drinks that I wouldn’t normally buy.

As well as helping raise money for a worth cause I’m hoping this will be a more healthy month. I’ve lost a couple of pounds this week through not drinking and eating less and hopefully I should have lost a few more by the end of the month. Whilst I do plan to start drinking again next month I may drink a little less than I did before.

Non alcoholic drinks for Go Sober for October

The most important part of the Go Sober campaign is to raise funds for Macmillan cancer support. A quick look at my campaign page and I’ve not raised quite as much as I’d hoped so far. I do however have some offline donations which won’t be counted until they get paid in at the end of the month. There is still plenty of time for people to donate, so please help support this important cause and help keep the incentive for me to keep off the drink by clicking on the link below.

Thanks for the donations!

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