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Day out at Gulliver’s Splash Zone

We visited Gulliver’s Splash Zone whilst Camping at Gulliver’s Land Campsite in Milton Keynes. We had travelled down to the camp site during the day and so after putting them tent up we just had a couple of hours of the afternoon left before evening.

Gullivers Splash Zone at Milton Keynes

Splash Zone is a children’s indoor water play area. It’s not a swimming pool, so there is no need for the children to be able to swim, but provides lots of opportunity for wet fun. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, the closest I’ve been to before was AquaTek at Magna but that was outdoor (and cold on the day we visited) and much more limited. Gulliver’s Splash Land is instead indoors and as well as water jets there are slides, tipping buckets and a paddling pool. My kids loved it and it’s easy to see why.

Alongside the water area is a “dry” area with tables and chairs so that parents can sit and relax whilst the children play. I say dry area, but if you sit on the tables closest to the water then expect to get the odd splash. I was still able to read my Kindle ebook reader, but if you have a paperback or newspaper you may prefer to sit on one of the tables a little further away, or in the area next to the soft play. Despite the occasional splash this worked out really well as it meant I could keep an eye on the kids (there was also staff to make sure that the children were safe), the kids could easily find me, but I got a few minutes to not have to worry too much about the kids.

As well as the water play there is also a soft play area for younger children. There is also a cafe within Splash Zone, where I got some drinks and snacks, which also does meals.

The admission fee gives up to two hours of play, which should be plenty of time. There are a limited number of children allowed in at a time, so if you are looking for a busy time (I guess weekends) then it may be a good idea to book in advance. We didn’t have a problem going during the afternoon on a weekday in the school holidays.

A good safe environment for children to play whilst adults can unwind for a while.

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