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Tatty Bear Visits Holland – Holiday Diary

Tatty BearI’ve already posted some diaries from the view of a child, see: A day at the Zoo by a toddler and Butlins through the eyes of a toddler.

This one is motivated by Amelia’s nursery which has a “Tatty Bear Diary”, featuring a teddy bear that the kids take on holiday, photograph and then [the parents] write a little about the holiday. This is normally handwritten with stuck in photos, but to share with a wider audience I’ve created a PDF using the words and pictures in the nursery diary.

I can’t take credit for the words, which my wife has written, but I did take the photos 🙂

I will add my own parents review soon, see: Baby and Children – Holiday, Days Out and Other Information.

2 Responses to “Tatty Bear Visits Holland – Holiday Diary”

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