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Dudley Zoo and Castle through the eyes of a toddler

Here is a review with a difference. The main part of it is written from the eyes of a toddler.

We went to Dudley Zoo on Friday. It is a zoo I have visited several times in the past. When I first visited the zoo I got the impression that it was going downhill and did not have much of a future. Seeing some of the improvements over the last few years it is now showing real promise and looks to continue as a educational and conservation resource for some time.

It is a little off putting for those with babies and toddlers as it is built on the side of a steep hill, with a castle at the top. In busy times there is a land train that could help, but we have not found it too arduous, as long as you stick to the main route. There is a shorter route, which is just about passable downhill with a pushchair, but you wouldn’t want to tackle it uphill.

There is a cafe with baby changing facilities at the top of the hill and alternative toilet facilities at the bottom of the hill. There is ongoing construction work in some of the areas (specifically the Lynx cage when we were there), but most of the zoo is accessible.

Here is the Story in the eyes of a toddler. Note that it is a very low resolution due to limitations of my hosting provider, but should be OK in standard zoom (less than 100%).

For more information on Dudley Zoo and castle see:

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