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Ambulance, FA Cup, Italian Job, The Blitz and a Time Machine

What does an Ambulance, the FA Cup, the Italian Job, The Blitz and a Time Machine have in common?

They are all exhibits at the Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum

I have visited the Coventry Transport Museum on a number of occasions, and have already posted two blog entries already:

The refurbishment has gone ahead and the museum is now a huge improvement on what it was before. I’m not sure if it is completely finished, I think there were plans to move or refurbish the cafe, but other than that most of the exhibits seam to be in their final destinations. I must say that I am very impressed by the new exhibits that have been completed since I was last there. This includes a road layout with an Ambulance donated by Warwickshire St John Ambulance, a mini showing how the tunnel scenes for the original Italian Job (the one starring Michael Cane) were actually filmed in Coventry, and an example of a production line.

Despite Peugeot having now closed down their plant in Coventry there is still a good presence of Peugeot cars including a 206 sw, which was one of the last off the production line. The only two major car manufacturers left in Coventry are Jaguar (although it’s future in Coventry is by no means guaranteed), and London Taxis International (LTI).

The model section is particularly good including an interactive display where pressing one of the buttons lights up the appropriate area and plays some sound effects.

I was also pleased to see that they have also added more chairs to some of the tables with crayons and paper. They’ve also got a few with different heights, although I think lower tables for younger children would provide a much better solution.

The only negative comment I have from this visit is that a number of the, fairly recent, exhibits are in need of maintenance. These are things that should take much to repair (such as a flat tyre on the pneumatic tyre exhibit, and a slipped chain on a dynamo light exhibit), but have been faulty for a while. If they are able to get on top of the maintenance once the refurbishment is complete then it will continue to be a great place for many years to come. Exhibits that are out-of-order could pull down the overall impression of the museum, which would be a great shame.

In all this is an amazing museum, which has got so much better since the new refurbishment. There is a good balance between “glass case” type exhibits and full hands on activities. The museum provides a good mix from the very old to the most recent and future concepts. All this and it’s completely free! If you visit on a Sunday you can park all day for only 50p, or it’s right next door to the bus station.

Coventry Transport Museum web site

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