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Flamenco Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant – near Coventry

I drive past the Flamenco Spanish Tapas bar when I travel to work, but this is the first time I’ve been. The restaurant is located off the A45 between the NEC / Birmingham International Airport and Coventry. The service was excellent and the food was very good. It was quite expensive compared with some other places we eat, but worth it.

As we went on a Friday it was a themed latin night with music and a belly dancer. The music was quite loud, especially when you consider that these were candle lit tables and would otherwise have been quite romantic.

The belly dancer was certainly something different. She seamed to interact quite well with a table with a large group of people, and managed to get a couple up dancing with her. Most of the diners were couples which just seamed a little embarrassed and unsure of where to look. Which was certainly how we felt. It didn’t spoil the night in anyway, but didn’t make it any more enjoyable either.

We went on a Friday night and so didn’t have our daughter with us. I did notice that there was a baby changing sign on the disabled toilet, although I didn’t see any high chairs.

On Friday and Saturday nights they have Salsa dancing from 10pm. They don’t however have lessons.
See: Salsa King Club Events.

The business cards refer to a website address, but that is not a valid website address.

Their address details are:
A45 Birmingham Road

or phone:
01676 522000

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