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Holiday in Blackpool, Scotland and the Lake District

I haven’t posted for a while as we’ve just got back from a 2 week holiday starting with a day in Blackpool then a week in Scotland and then returning to England for a week in the Lake District. Although in general we had a good holiday it was spoilt by a couple of things – one being the accommodation provided by Haven in Scotland, and the other a restaurant in the Lake District (The Priest Hole in Ambleside) charging £5.99 for a meal for a 2 year old. The most expensive meal that I’ve ever bought her!

I’ll post more details about the good and the bad when I get time, although I’ll still copying my photos onto my laptop at the moment.

So come back soon for more on places to stay and things to do with toddlers on holiday.

One Response to “Holiday in Blackpool, Scotland and the Lake District”

  1. » The Priest Hole, Ambleside - The most expensive meal I’ve ever bought for a 1 year old - Stewart Watkiss Blog Says:

    […] In an earlier post I mentioned that although we had a good family holiday there were a couple of things that spoilt it. This is one of them, the fact that I felt cheated by a restaurant, The Priest Hole in Ambleside, that said they would do a children’s meal, but then charged the full adult price. The cost of two meatballs with some pasta was £5.99 making it the most expensive meal I have ever bought for a one year old. […]

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