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PenguinTutor website – down due to renewal issues!

Penguin Tutor Web Site Logo

The PenguinTutor website has been down for a few days. It turns out that my domain had expired and I didn’t realise.

The domain is hosted by Compila and I’m not sure whether they didn’t send an email reminder, or I didn’t receive it (perhaps accidentally discarded as SPAM). The domain has now been renewed and is back up and running for another year. It looks like I’ll have to setup my own reminders to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in future.

I guess this is a perhaps a common problem as people become completely reliant on Email notifications. Especially if they get dropped by Anti-SPAM features. I would be nice that if the renewal wasn’t acknowledged promptly that they’d send something out by the post, but even a second reminder email sent a few days / weeks later may have increased the chance of receiving one of them.

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