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DVD Review: Life. Live it. – First Aid DVD from the British Red Cross

Life Live It. First Aid Campaign LogoThe British Red Cross have a campaign called Life. Live it. The campaign is aimed at encouraging young people to learn basic first aid.

The web site allows you to request a free DVD, and it is that which I’m reviewing here. The DVD is available to those involved in teaching or promoting First Aid to young people.

I requested a copy of the DVD which first arrived badly scratched and would not play. I then requested another which is usable.

The DVD is very basic, containing a 3 minute DVD about a three incidents at a rock festival. The incidents have different answers depending upon the first aid knowledge of people around. The DVD video doesn’t however include any video clips teaching first aid.

There is an “Extra Features” section, which works in a computer only. This contains two small PDF files with some information giving tips for trainer activities (eg a short quiz and role play scenario). To view the PDF files needs either DVD@ccess to be installed, although this still didn’t work for me using either Cyberlink PowerDVD or Microsoft Media Player. The PDF files can be viewed by browsing to the directory and opening the files directly.

Other than that there is nothing else on the DVD. With such a short video and lack of any actual training material, the only reason I can see for getting the DVD is to play at the beginning of any First Aid training as a way of encouraging people to take an interest.

The PDF files appear to be more an introduction to what may be included in the Teaching Resource Pack, but the resource pack is not for sale yet. There is more material on the web site, but the DVD is not really worth having, even if it is free.

Life. Live it. web site.

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