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Text to NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translation tool – radio communications training

Handheld radio
I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make First Aid and related topics a bit more interesting and fun to learn for Recently on Facebook a friend of mine posted some text encoded using the NATO phonetic alphabet, which got me thinking wouldn’t it be good to have a quick tool you could enter in a text string and it converts it all for you. So that’s what I did – created a Javascript based Text to Phonetic translator.

I admit it’s real-world uses may be a little limited, but it’s good fun as an educational “toy” for anyone learning the phonetic alphabet.

I’ve also put up a copy of a picture alphabet sheet I created which may be useful as well. The clipart looks a bit 1990s, but that’s because I created it a long time ago.

I’ll add some more information in the future. Somewhere I have some information and handouts I put together in the past for radio communications training.

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