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LPI to run free LPI level 3 (beta) exams at LinuxWorld Expo

This is a follow-up to my earlier post Free / Reduced Price LPI Exams at LinuxWorld Expo in London.

I’ve since been contacted by Glenn McKnight from LPI who has given details of the new Level 3 exams which are going to be available at the LinuxWorld Expo.

The new Level Three exams at Linux World London which are free of charge with the following conditions.

  • The exams will run longer than usual exams because there will be many more items. Expect each exam to be on the order of 3 hours.
  • The exams will be free. However, it will take a month or two for you to get your final results.
  • A particular event will not occur if there are not enough qualified candidates to warrant the exam lab.
  • More events will be added as LPI affiliates confirm that they can hold an event locally.
  • Seating is limited
  • If there is too much demand, we will seat LPIC-2 holders preferentially.

A brief description of the Exam

During a period of consultation with some of LPI’s partners, community members and Advisory Committees it became evident that two technology areas have a strong need for skills verification. These are the areas of authentication and file sharing services. More specifically:

  • linux in a mission critical and mixed environment
  • Advanced topics: capacity planning, troubleshooting, core network services
  • authentication and naming
  • network file/print services

The main technology focus of the first LPIC-3 exams will LDAP and Samba services. However, related and/or competing technologies will be examined.

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