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Microsoft SMS Sender – Send Text Messages from your Windows PC using your mobile phone

Although most of the software I post is of Linux or Open Source software I do sometimes find some closed source software useful. This one is a free download from Microsoft, you need to go through Windows Genuine Advantage Certification first.

The Microsoft SMS Sender is a very basic program which allows you to send text messages from your PC, using your mobile phone. Before you can use it, the mobile phone needs to be configured to work with your computer. This can be used using InfraRed, BlueTooth or Cable (depending upon what your computer and phone supports). You should first configure the phone using the software supplied by the manufacturer. In my case I have a Sony Ericsson K510i mobile phone, which I configured using the Sony Ericsson PC Suite using the supplied USB to Mobile Phone cable.

The Microsoft SMS sending found my mobile phone modem drivers and offered that as the default device. Sending a text message was then as simple as putting in the phone number and entering the message.

Other than that the software is very basic. There is a “address book”, which has an import function. If you save your phone numbers to the SIM card then it may work, but as I like many other mobile phone users actually store numbers on the phone (so that you can take advantage of the extra functionality), then the import function just doesn’t work.
There is no way (other than a manual copy and paste) of taking the numbers out of Outlook or any other application.

The software does not allow you to compose multi-message text messages. So you are limited to 120 characters. Most other applications including the phone allow you to write beyond the 120 character limit, but then have it automatically split, into multiple messages and then automatically rejoined at the other end.

You can download the software using the link below:

Microsoft SMS Sender

The software is free, but very basic. I’ll be sticking with my SMS application on my Palm Tungsten T3 PDA, but the microsoft sms sender is available for free if you don’t have any better alternatives.

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