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Forgotten part of my website – PenguinTutor Linux hardware, software and book reviews

You would think that a webmaster would remember how their site is structured, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you have lots of websites you look after. It also doesn’t help when (according to a search on Google) you have over 2000 pages on the site; although I hasten to add many of these are auto-generated / semi-auto generated from other sources (I didn’t create them all manually).

Well I managed for completely forget that under my New section on PenguinTutor I have a page of Linux product and book reviews. I created this a long time ago and had only a few reviews linked from there. I have written lots more reviews since, but they are in my blog. So I’ve now added my previous reviews to that section as well.

The rest of the site is just that I don’t get time to update it as often as I like. It’s far easier to add a short blog post than it is to create an entire document for my tutorial. I am however working on some new things to add a bit more dynamism to the site, but I’ve got some other sites that need to be updated first.

Text encoding UTF-8 instead of Cp1252

I also discovered another issue with those pages (and perhaps something I may have to check for elsewhere) in that the website is encoded using UTF-8, but my editor (jEdit) was set to default to Cp1252. As a result there were some unsightly question marks on the page where the browser did not know how to show a certain character.

I’ve corrected it now and changed my editors default character encoding, but it’s something that is useful to be aware of when using a text editor which supports multiple character encodings.

Just a few things to be aware of.

PenguinTutor Linux hardware, software and book reviews

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