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New Website – Penguin Tutor, Linux / LPI Information

Penguin Tutor Logo
I have now registered a new domain name, and I am currently in the process of developing a new website. The new website will be Penguin Tutor, Linux and LPI Certification related web site. I haven’t decided on a launch date yet, but I expect it will take about a month or two until it is ready.

Penguin Tutor will provide information, tutorials and practice exams
related to the Linux Operating System. This will include LPI 101 and LPI 102 practice exams, and cover all flavours of Linux, including those using RedHat Package Management tools and Debian based management tools.

The reason I have decided to create this website when working towards LPI Certification Exams. I was disappointed by the price of LPI practice exams, and the poor quality of the free practice exams. I have therefore decided to use my quiz engine (as used on to add a FREE practice exam available to all.

Unlike my current website, this is not running on my own webserver, and instead I’ve bought a web hosting contract with This has obviously cost money, which I hope to recover through adverts on the website.

The site is at:

(currently this is just a place holder)

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    […] The reason for this is that I intend to use the quiz engine on my Penguin Tutor Linux Website which is hosted rather than on my own server (see New Website – Penguin Tutor, Linux / LPI Information post). […]

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