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Door Plaques from Jaycee Crafts (including Linux Penguin door plaque)

frog bathroom door plaque
I first saw Julie from Jaycee Crafts at Crick Boat Show a few years ago. I was there as a First Aider with St. John Ambulance. She was selling polymer clay based crafts. Her range includes door plaques; pictures; boxes; bookmarks and more.

I bought the door plaque to the left, which is of a frog in the shower. Since then I’ve bought a picture as well. I’ve been happy with the ones so far so last year I replaced all the remaining signs on our upstairs doors with the new plaques shown.

I now have matching plaques for the bedrooms which include appropriate wording:
Amelia room plaquemum and dad room plaque

Linux Penguin Plaque
My favourite is the one for our study, which has been created as a penguin at a computer. Unlike the others which were from the standard range this was a specific request to create a linux sign. It was Julie that suggested having the penguin (a.k.a. Tux), scratching his head, which works really well.

If you live in the midlands you may well see her out and about at various fairs and markets (including the Stratford Christmas Market, mentioned in an earlier blog). If not then you can order them online at:

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