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Firefox Web Browser version 1.5 has been released

I’ve been using the Firefox web browser for quite some time now, and was pleased to see that version 1.5 has been released. This new release builds on the already great browser with an improved user interface, and improved performance. The one feature that is most visible is the ability to reorganise website tags. If you’ve not heard of tabbed browsing, then you’ve really being missing out, and this new feature just improves it further.

The new version has only been out a few days, but the beta version has been around for a while. Whilst I’d tried the beta version I didn’t use it as my main browser as most of the extensions that I use were not ready for the new version. The situation is now much better, although half of my extensions are still greyed out. This is not a big problem as the extensions that I use on a regular basis including: Web developer; HTML Validator and the Google toolbar have all been updated and were upgraded by the browser. The browser even installed the Macromedia Flash plug-in with a single click, and no need to restart the browser.

Firefox is a great browser, and with the new version it’s getting better and better. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try. I can’t imagine going back to Internet Explorer which is so far behind in terms of features and support for the web standards. If you have extensions that haven’t yet been updated then you may need to stick with the older version (still available for download), for everyone else the new version is highly recommended.

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