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Low Cost Function Rooms in Coventry: Triumph Standard Recreation Club

If you’re looking for a low cost function room, then the Standard Triumph Social club may be suitable. We used it last weekend to celebrate the christening of our daughter.

The cost of booking the room was £50. One of the big advantages that kept the cost low is that they allowed us to provide our own food, whereas many other places insist on using their caterers. This does not apply on Saturdays when you must use their caterers.

If you don’t want to do your own food, then the buffet is quite reasonable starting from about £5 per person.

The room was fairly nice, not in the same league as a nice hotel, but the sort of standard you would expect from a social club. The drinks were reasonably priced and the staff were friendly. They have two function rooms, the smaller one was already booked out, and so we had the larger one. It seamed quite empty with 50 people in, and could probably have taken double that number of people.

The only slight issue that we had is that we had some people that went to setup the room before the start of the church service and the room hadn’t yet been cleaned from the night before. This was a few hours before the room was booked, but we had arranged to be in early to layout some food and balloons.

The Standard Triumph Social Club is on Herald Way, Canley. Close to The Village Hotel, and near the old Pheonix Rover dealer. Phone number: 024 7667 5186

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