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Archive for October, 2006

Halloween First Aid

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

With a bit of light humour, St. John Ambulance has produced it’s list of First Aid tips for Halloween.

Although this is a tongue in cheek list of tips including dealing with “Pumpkin Pain”, it does include the correct first aid procedures for a few possible mishaps.

L.I.F.E. St. John Ambulance Variety Show 2006

Monday, October 30th, 2006

This weekend there was an event which made me extremely proud to be a member of St. John Ambulance. It wasn’t that someone’s life had been saved, this was seeing members young and old all pulling together to create a memorable show.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
The current campaign is:
Be Breast Aware

Advanced Level Linux Professional (LPIC-2)

Friday, October 27th, 2006

I am now an Advanced Level Linux Professional after completing both LPIC Level 2 exams. Today I took and passed the LPI Level 2 Exam 202. At first I thought that there wouldn’t be too much to revise for this exam. After all I use or have used quite a number of the features tested […]

New Linux Professional Institue (LPI 202) Practice Exam

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

I’ve created a new practice exam on the PenguinTutor LPI practice exams web site. The practice questions cover the 202 objectives towards level 2 certification. These are mainly network service based questions covering topics such as Apache web server, Sendmail, NIS, Network Security (including IPtables) etc. I’ve not yet taken the exam myself (that’s tomorrow), […]

PHP Script to redirect and log connections

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do is to monitor outgoing links from a web site. It’s nice to know what links your visitors are clicking on, and if used for adverts could be essential to collecting revenue. I’ve therefore created the following short PHP script. This has a redierct.ini file which should contain […]

How not to make a web site accessible

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

There are some web sites on the Internet that are badly designed and inaccessible, but every now and again you come across one that really stands out amongst the bad sites. The site I’ve come across this time is for the Tropical World at Roundhay park. The site appears to have gone for some high-tech […]

In defence of the Firefox Web Browser

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

In the current Linux Format Magazine (LXF86) there are some comments and a review of Firefox. The articles aren’t really critical of the browser, and in fact still put Firefox ahead of the competition. What they do criticise the version change to version 2, and suggest that Firefox should be doing more. I have therefore […]

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants – Scholar Google Search Engine

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

I’ve been passed details of a new Google search engine from a friend. The Search Engine is of scholarly literature. It’s still in Beta at the moment (like a lot of Google projects), but is available at: I’ve even found a citation against my own work. Search for “Watkiss, Stewart” (including the quotation marks) […]

Tourism: Leeds Roundhay Park Tropical World, West Yorkshire

Friday, October 20th, 2006

This is a short review of the Tropical World, in Roundhay Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire. We took along our baby daughter and so include information relevant to other parents attending with babies and young children. We had a push chair with us and found no restrictions through use of the push chair. The Leeds Tropical […]

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