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Charity fundraising – employees vs. volunteers

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I’ve been looking to post on my blog about charities and volunteers for some time, but never got around to finding an interesting angle. Much of this is based on a draft that I started back in 2007, but never got around to posting. The reason I’m posting now is in relation to a story […]

First Aid Quiz – practice test now updated based on Revised 9th Edition first aid manual

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The questions on the First Aid Quiz have now been updated based on the Revised 9th Edition First Aid Manual (published in 2011). This brings in the new resuscitation protocols based on the guidelines published by the UK Resuscitation Council during 2010. I’ve also taken the opportunity to update a few of the existing questions […]

First Aid Manual – 9th Edition Revised – with new resuscitation protocols

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

There is a new edition of the First Aid Manual released during 2011. This is still titled as the 9th Edition, but is marked as revised and includes the latest updates to the resuscitation guidelines which were released in 2010. The First Aid Manual is the official guide from the UK leading first aid organisations: […]

Android and iPhone apps for NHS Direct

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

There is now a free NHS Direct application for Android and iPhone smartphones and Andriod Tablets / iPads. The app is available to download from the Android MarketPlace or Apple itunes I think this is a great idea, although the application doesn’t appear to be as good as it could be. I’ve installed it to […]

Free Ebooks for ebook readers

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

These sites all provide free Ebooks that you can download to view on a Ebook reader or on your PC. Some of these sites offer both free and pay-for ebooks so check before you download. You will also need to check that the book is in the correct format. The Kindle supports Mobi, pdf, html […]

New version of First Aid and Emergency Services Photo Gallery

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

The First Aid and Emergency Services photo gallery on First Aid has been upgraded to a new alpha version of the PenguinGallery web photo gallery software. This now means that the photos have more meaningful titles. It also means that it is easier to add new photo galleries and mean that new features can […]

New Year 2011 – Website review

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Happy New Year This year I thought I’d look back at some of my involvement in the Internet / websites and how these may change in the forthcoming year. My first website was back in 1994 when I created websites for Hull University LINKs and Hull University Canoe Club. This was very early in the […]

Children have had a letter from Santa (from the NSPCC)

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Yesterday our two children received a letter direct from Santa himself. Each received a personalised letter addressed to them by name with a individual funny story about his Christmas preparations and party in Lapland. The letters showed as picture of a present labelled with our child’s name and age and included a mention of our […]

Chain-socials – harmless fun or annoying distraction

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

It seams that a week doesn’t go by without someone asking me to change my profile picture or post something to my wall to supposedly help some good cause or else to avoid the curse of 20 years of bad luck. One currently doing the rounds is to change your profile picture to a cartoon […]

Remembrance Day – explaining it to a young child

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

How do you explain Remembrance Day to a 5 year old child? That is the question that I’ve had to face as a parent. I believe Remembrance day is an important event in the annual calendar and have for many years joined a local Remembrance Sunday parade as a member of St John Ambulance. My […]

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