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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

I’ve written before about my dislike of DRM, especially on ebooks (The problem with DRM on ebooks). Another thing that is great is when you can get a book for free, but with the option to reward the author by giving a donation. This is what I’ve done with a series of books called The […]

First Aid Manual 10th edition

Monday, March 10th, 2014

The First Aid Manual is the official guide from the UK leading first aid organisations: St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and the British Red Cross and is widely considered as the definitive guide to first aid in the UK. The 10th edition released in 2014, which replaces the 9th edition which was first […]

Help Your Kids with Science – Book

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

I have always had an interest for science which I try to pass on to my own children. I will often take my children to science museums for a day out and often talk to my children about how things work whilst out and about. For instance my 5 year old son already has a […]

Book review: We bought a zoo – Benjamin Mee

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I saw the film “We bought a Zoo” before I read the book. As soon as I’d watched the film I ordered the book (well later that evening as I actually saw it as an in-flight movie) and I knew straight away that I wanted to read the true story rather than the Hollywood version. […]

Book review – Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Make: Electronics is a practical guide to hobby electronics. It’s very much a hands-on guide encouraging learning by experimentation. Some of the experiments involve deliberate damage to components. Whilst I understand that this can be a good way to learn I think there are other ways of teaching which don’t encourage deliberately overloading components. My […]

Harry Potter Ebooks now available on Pottermore – DRM Free download available

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

After a long wait the Harry Potter books are now available as ebooks. I wrote in an earlier blog post that these were expected to be available as DRM free ebooks in October 2011, but it is now 6 months later and quite a long time since many other books became available as ebooks. The […]

Book review: Screw Buisness as Usual by Richard Branson

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I’ve always admired Sir Richard Branson, both as an Entreprenour and for some of the challenges he has undertaken. I’ve already got his Autobiography Losing My Virginity. Despite this I never knew associated him as a philanthropist or as a environmentalist, which it seams is exactly what he is. In his latest book “Screw Business […]

Book review – In the Shadow of Suribachi by Joyce Faulkner

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

I was provided this ebook directly from the author Joyce Faulkner. I had previously attempted to read an earlier book of hers Book Review – Username by Joyce Faulkner (available DRM Free). Unfortunately it was not a book that I was able to finish as I found the book emotionally quite disturbing. Anyway I left […]

Book reviews for DRM free fiction and non-fiction books

Monday, July 25th, 2011

The problem with DRM Free ebooks is finding the good books, as there are some not so good books around. This also applies to DRM locked ebooks – eg. (especially their free / low-cost self published books), although with DRM books you can turn to the mainstream press for reviews of the latest bestsellers. It does mean that some really good books that don’t get a mainstream publisher may not get the publicity they deserve.

These are just some of the books I’ve read, but they all have one thing in common. They are all available without DRM, so you can read on any ebook reader and on any PC / Tablet / Netbook regardless of the operating system or reader software available.

Book review: Arduino Cookbook

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The Arduino is a popular open hardware device that has gained a lot of support amongst hobby electronics. I’ve already reviewed some electronic books, including two Arduino books for beginners. The Cookbook series from O’Reilly is better known for software programming books, and despite being named after hardware this book is more about the programming […]

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